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5 Podcasts to Inspire a Healthy You when Traveling

April 6, 2018

Podcasts are the perfect accompaniment to long train, plane or bus journeys. I’m a little bit obsessed with them right now. I’m not a keen reader and never have been. So for me podcasts are a great way to boost my learning and best part is, they’re mostly free! There are tons of podcasts out there. At the moment I find myself gravitating towards those that encourage healthy living. When I’m listening to a podcast, I like to take the time to reflect on how I treat my body and my lifestyle: Do I feed it the nutrients it needs? Am I getting enough exercise? When did I last laugh so much it hurts?

If you’re on a wellness journey like me, then read on for my round-up of the top 5 podcasts to inspire a healthy you.


Podcasts to Inspire a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

(photo: Ultimatehealthpodcast.com)

Ultimate Health Podcast

This is my all time favourite podcast. Marni Wasserman and Jessie Chappus tackle topical health issues and host interviews with world-class experts on a weekly basis. What I love about this podcast is its variety and just how much it teaches me about diet and lifestyle. I find myself taking plenty of notes with product and nutrient suggestions to look into. They may uncover the secrets behind the ketogenic diet one week and be exploring the topic of sleep the next. My favourite episode was the one where they examined the health benefits of broccoli for over 20 minutes. I remember listening to it when climbing down the Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand  (read about the hike here) – I LOVE broccoli!

Find out more here.


Podcasts to Inspire a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

(photo: Stuffyoushouldknow.com)

Stuff you Should Know

Alright, this one isn’t solely about healthy living, but select your episode wisely and you could be learning about all manner of health and travel related topics from sunscreen to flight attendants.  Josh and Chuck, the show hosts, have a wonderful friendly banter between them; it honestly feels as if you are sitting in the pub with good friends discussing interesting stuff. Easy listening and informative at its best, this is another must have.

Find out more here.


Podcasts to Inspire a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

(Photo: Headspace)

Headspace Meditation

I’m sure many of you have heard of Headspace – the guided meditation app. This is the only paid-for app that I’m featuring, but of course it comes with a podcast element. The app encourages you to spend just a few minutes a day reflecting on yourself to live a happier, healthier life. I’m mainly including this because I have a serious fear of flying (odd for a travel blogger I hear you say). Well Headspace’s meditation podcasts actually helped me to overcome this fear. Now, whenever I step on a plane I take a few moments in a meditative state and it really helps to calm me. I’ve also noticed that some airlines include Headspace in their free on-board entertainment, so check it out and chill out in the air.

Find out more about the app here.


Podcasts to Inspire a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

(Photo: The Health Code)

The Health Code

Now this podcast has only just started, but I listened to the first episode the other day and loved it. Produced by health and fitness YouTuber Sarah Day and content creator and MMA fighter Kurt Tilse, these guys have so much energy it’s infectious. Discussing all things health, fitness, lifestyle and relationship – this is an all round winner. Can’t wait for the second episode!

Listen here.

Podcasts to Inspire a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

(Photo: Yoga Hacks Podcast)

Brett Larkin’s Yoga Hacks Podcast

I love following Brett Larkin’s YouTube page when I’m travelling as it features loads of  easy to follow yoga routines. I find her voice so therapeutic. Well, she also has an addictive podcast to follow, where she not only covers all things yoga, but also food, mental health, relationships, skin care and general health, mind and body topics. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find this one on Spotify though.

Listen to Brett’s podcast here.


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I’d love to hear all about the podcasts you listen to when traveling, especially those that encourage a healthier you. Share you tips in the comments section below. 

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5 Podcasts to Inspire a Healthy You when Traveling

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